Tansect Initiates $40M Reg D Stock Sale

TANSECT Press Release
Headline: Tansect Initiates $40M Reg D Stock Sale
Release Date: 2021-07-15

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Tansect Initiates $40M Reg D Stock Sale
For Immediate Release: 2021-07-15

(United States) - Tansect has initiated the sale of 80% of the Company's Common Shares in pursuit of $40 Million in operating capital. Shares are being offered through a Regulation D 506c offering.

Though the Company's Offering Document outlines the specific use of proceeds, Tansect intends to utilize these funds to "springboard" its Travel Tech, launch and promote its planned service offerings, open initial Travel Planning Centers, and implement a franchise program for its Tailored Air Service product and Travel Planning.

Tansect has established the goals of being:
  • the only provider of nonstop flights between Fort Myers and key Caribbean cities/ Mexico,
  • one of the top ten largest US based travel agencies for Disney vacations within seven years,
  • a top twenty promoter of cruise vacations within ten years,
  • the platform/technology provider of at least 50,000 Travel Agents (external) within five years,
  • an active franchiser of Tansect flights and travel centers within three years.

Shares are restricted to Accredited Investors, as defined by the SEC, and the price of shares have been designed to reward early Investors. The minimum investment is $10,000. This investment may be of particular interest to aviation fans, people in/around Naples/Fort Myers, and those that love to travel.

Tansect has scheduled the first of its Travel Tech (Home Based Travel Agent Platform) to launch in September, and is already earning revenue through long term consulting agreements.

Additional information can be found at the company's website (www.tansect.com).