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"Off The Shelf" options are not always what you need, and large IT deployments can be outside your budget and/or financial capabilities. Tansect is excited to provide our clients with innovative and customized web and cloud based solutions. Tansect also owns proprietary Travel Tech, such as its Home Based Travel Agent Platform and the Go Trip Network.


OUR NEWEST SOLUTION! Designed for cities that really want specific air service, or any air service, but are not attracting the airlines. Sponsored by a municipality, local business or other local party Tansect creates a solution with the desired city pairs and establishes the flights as a Public Charter Operator through a revenue sharing or as a manage service agreement.


Companies need innovative solutions that improve service, set them apart from their competitors and reduce costs. Whether it is a custom solution, a trucking solution, a managed transportation solution, visibility to your network, "control tower", rail, logistics engineering, air, boat, labor, warehousing, 3PL, brokerage or technology...let us create your solution!


Specializing in "upstream" opportunities we can create a solution for you whether it relates to inventory management (valves, vessels, components, etc.), reducing well site costs, coordinating your well site services and inbound shipments/vendors or simply providing visibility to your network. Let us know what you need, and we can help.


In Addition To:
Hospitality Solutions

Travel Agent Platform

Optimization & Analytics

Project Management

Site Decomissions/Moves


Municipality Tailored Flights Solution
Let Tansect create a solution where we provide the exact flights your airport is seeking, with flights condcuted as a Public Charter Operator (Part 380). We will build the business case set up everything, create local jobs, a local office and bring flights to your city. This service will be provided either as a managed service, or through a revenue sharing agreement with the funding party.



Price Per Share: $0.80
Min Investment: $10,000 or 12,500 Common Shares
Total Offering:17,600,000 Common Shares

Be a part of an amazing operations and technology company, whose travel tech and innovative new products could revolutionize the travel planning and hospitality business. Tansect is generating revenue through initial Supply Chain consulting contracts and the company has some very aggressive growth plans.

This investment is being conducted as a Reg D 506c offering and is limited to Accredited Investors.

Please contact Michael Heisman at for investment information and to ensure you receive the most up to date corporate information.

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